Service Excellence

The Standard that Defines Our Business

To Spherion®, service excellence is much more than a lofty marketing concept; it is the uncompromising standard that defines the way we do business. We’re so serious about service excellence that a portion of executive compensation is tied directly to our ability to meet your expectations. Spherion’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our business—from the way we interact with clients and candidates, to the quality of talent and opportunities we provide, to the results we achieve.

As a locally owned staffing company, Spherion is uniquely positioned to provide its customers with a level of service and support that is unmatched in our industry! Backed by a $2 billion workforce leader, you’ll tap into a robust network of staffing expertise provided to you on a very personalized level.

When You Speak, Spherion Listens!

While other staffing providers may tout the same level of service, Spherion backs it up by continually collecting, measuring and reporting your feedback. But, it’s how we apply your input that truly sets Spherion apart. Our proprietary score card and satisfaction surveys strategically guide our pursuit for excellence through continuous improvement in the areas that matter to you. With nearly 500K surveys sent to clients and candidates annually, we consider every piece of feedback you provide as an opportunity to improve our service to you!

Quality Satisfaction

of client respondents

are satisfied
with the quality
of our employees
and our
service delivery.
Satisfied with Needs Met

of client respondents

view Spherion as a
proactive solutions
provider who meets
their staffing and
recruiting needs.
Would Recommend Spherion

of candidate and
client respondents

would recommend
Spherion to
other companies
or colleagues.
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