Is your boss pushing you out the door?

Is your boss pushing you out the door?
Your job plays a big part in your personal happiness. That’s why many people spend years of their lives pursuing degrees and mastering skills that will enable them to live out their dreams. But, what happens when your dream job comes with a supervisor that’s intent on stealing your happily ever after?

Poor supervisor relationships rank pretty high on the list of reasons employees opt to leave their job. But, leaving is not the only remedy to the problem. If you’re feeling depleted by a boss that’s hard to handle, here are some tips that may help you turn things around.

Take inventory – After a while, you can feel so frustrated that you don’t even know what’s bugging you. Is it just a bad boss or could it have something to do with your performance, or perhaps a past misunderstanding? Is it possible, your supervisor is under a great deal of stress and it has nothing to do with you at all? Make a list of the items that are eating away at you and analyze each one to see if there is something you can do differently to mend the situation.

Redirect your focus – A change in focus can do a world of good. Plunge into your work and make it your goal to do the best job possible. Set goals for yourself and when you achieve them, celebrate your accomplishments. Find your fulfillment in your work rather than worrying about what’s going on with your supervisor. Your increased performance may just win their favor!

Seek support – Everyone needs encouragement, especially when the individual you report to is doing just the opposite. Seek out a mentor in your organization that can provide you with some insight, encouragement and support. Maybe you just need to get things off your chest and a listening ear is what’s best. Whether you find support in a mentor, spouse or friend, that individual can be a great source of encouragement in the midst of your challenging circumstances.

Talk to your supervisor – In some cases, the best remedy to a bad supervisory relationship is to sit down in a non-confrontational manner and discuss your concerns with that individual. Schedule a meeting with your supervisor and inquire about the things that are troubling you and ask them for their insight. Be careful not to put them on the defense. Instead, focus on what you can do differently to make things work better. You may discover your boss had no idea you were feeling the way you do, or that he or she had something to do with it. Just approach the conversation with professionalism, humility and sincerity.

Transfer to another area – If all of your efforts fail but you want to remain with the company, begin looking for another position within the organization. If you keep things positive, you can always transfer out of your misery into a more respectful and positive reporting relationship.

Resign – If you’ve done all you can but you can’t make things work, resigning is always an option. Just keep things quiet as you embark on your job search. It’s always best if you find a new job before you leave your old one—and it looks much better on an application!

Are you being pushed out the door by a difficult boss? Take action and implement some of these ideas. If it turns the tides of your job troubles, you’ll be glad you did!
Posted: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 6:00:00 AM by Lynn Billing | 4 comment(s)
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isabale mary on Tuesday, June 03, 2014 7:08:39 AM
Great one,especially communication gap between boss and executives is very important. Totally agree with it and I am adding another thing with it is; not after when your misery is killing you,discuss each and every case with your boss. You know you can solve the case very well but just discus with him,no so frequently but judge him with help seeking attitude.  
unknwon on Thursday, January 29, 2015 8:51:52 PM
I thought this information was very helpful. Thank you!!
dose it matter on Friday, February 27, 2015 11:00:52 PM

hello, so let me first say I work for a retail store. I went in with them knowing I was only looking for a pt job in till the company were to open a new store in my town, I spend over one hour each to.e I go to work, it was agreed that I would be moving before I was hired on. My hours right now are 12 hours a week, when asked if they could give more they say I'm not moving fast enough doing two jobs when they only do one then try to compare. My 12 hours are all every other day, making it where my weeks pay only covers gas cost. The other day my boss asked me if I wish to work more hours since someone called in, I said let me call my wife to let her know I will be running late, he then said yes or no if no then I will not ask you ever again, " in their eyes they are doing me a favor and though someone called in and I would be helping out by filling in they said no they are the ones doing the favor not me, when he said if no then never again I asked why? Anytime they have asked I have said yes? Why punish me when I say yes and help out? Well they have tried to reach me three times over the course of two months and since I was unable to pick up though I have filled in way more then that then that was the reason, at this point with that and the hours I feel like I'm being pushed out, so I use the open door act and ask the assistant mng what should I do? Contact the DM? Any who we had a talk today and he took it upon himself to call the DM to say he felt threatened by me, making me now the bad guy. I could go look for a new job however like I posted I am only holding this job as u told them before I was hired so I could get the same job only blocks from my home and they agreed to it, now they tell me that is if they give the Ok? I did not ta wrong, I do my job "not to gloat" but way better then 1/2 the staff yet I am punished? Since they could not reach me on my time? I am tired of these large companies in small mom and pop shop stores in small towns taking advantage of their staff and getting away with it, and further more when I asked if I could record the talk they said it was not legal to do so in our state though when I looked it up in our state it says I can, 

TexasRose2016 on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 4:28:59 PM
I work in a small law firm and was hired in as a legal assistant (which in most places is synonamous with paralegal).  The first week i found the position was more of a word processing position.  I took my concerns to the HR attorney who assured me the position was more than what it appeared.  After having worked in the office for several months, I again went to my boss to voice my concern.  We have a part-time paralegal while I was full-time.  Instead of using my paralegal skill sets, the attorneys would use the part-time paralegal while I sat at my desk with nothing to do.  I again talked with the HR attorney and apprised him of the situation, voicing my concern that I had no paralegal work and was sitting idle at my desk.  Nothing changed and I found a new position.  Even after giving them notice and being told my work was good and no one had complaints, still no one would use the capabilities for which I was hired.  The part-time paralegal, I believe, and one of the attorneys in the office have a close friendship and therein, I believe, lies the problem.  I have never been forced out of an office until now because the part-time paralegal is so intimidated that she would rather cause problems than to work together.

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