Why job hunt through the holidays?

Why job hunt through the holidays?
Why job hunt through the holidays?
Let’s be real, there are plenty of good reasons to flake on your job search during the holidays, but there are even better reasons to take it up a notch! Whether you’re unemployed or just ready for a change, the holidays offer some unique opportunities for job seekers who refuse to lose focus!

Hiring does not halt

The idea that companies don’t hire during the holidays is a big myth. A simple online job search will prove it. Yes, the year is coming to a close, but there are plenty of positions that still need to be filled. While other job seekers are eager to put on the breaks, you’ll find there are fewer candidates to compete with and more opportunities to shine. So, stay focused!

Year-end stimulates hiring decisions

Need a few sound business reasons to ramp up your job search? You may be surprised to discover there are several scenarios that can stimulate hiring during this time of year. For one, it happens to be a popular time for employees to give their notice as they anticipate a new year and the prospect of fulfilling their professional goals. Second, managers with money left in their budget are apt to seize the opportunity to hire new staff before the year ends and budgets change. Additionally, as management is made aware of next year’s budget, they may begin recruiting for new positions now. 

Seasonal opportunities abound
If you are out of work, you cannot afford to turn your back on the seasonal opportunities that are before you. It’s not just limited to retail sales either, there are many professional slots to be filled as employees take time-off to enjoy the holidays. Meet with your local staffing firm and find out what opportunities suit you best. It’s a known fact that temporary assignments can easily turn permanent when an employee exhibits the right work ethic and skills. Even if the temporary assignment is not your ideal job, it will still get you through the front door and enable you to make valuable contacts within the company.

Tis the season to network
The holidays are full of opportunities to hobnob with other professionals during social gatherings, holiday festivities and community events. While your focus doesn’t need to be all about the job search, it doesn’t hurt to communicate your career goals and foster relationships with the people around you. Even if they are not a direct contact for you, they may know someone who could be. If nothing else, use this time to meet new people and build your network!
If the holiday season is enticing you to take a break from your job search, I hope I have given you enough reasons to keep at it. Your focus and determination may earn you a rewarding career opportunity that proves to be the best gift of all!

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