2009 study findings: attracting, retaining and cultivating talent

The 2009 Emerging Workforce

The Emerging Workforce Study found that workers’ opinions about their careers and the workplace continue to evolve. With economic uncertainty fresh in employees minds, that shift is occurring at a more rapid pace. The Study’s findings impact three key areas of workforce issues: attracting, cultivating and retaining talent. 

Attracting Talent

How will employers attract talent in an era where social media, e-recruiting and employer branding are gaining in popularity, while the supply of qualified workers will once again dwindle? To attract the most desired and sought-after employees, organizations must align their career opportunities, workplace environment and perks with employee’s priorities and expectations.

Retaining Talent

Today’s workers are relying on themselves, rather than employers, for career development.
  • 94% say employees should seek their own career opportunities, wherever they might be.
  • Only 24% of workers are satisfied with growth and earnings potential at their current job.

These stats represent a major disconnect between what employees demand, and the employer’s ability to deliver. 

Cultivating Talent

Most companies overlook their existing talent base as an answer to the impending labor shortages and knowledge gaps—it’s a missed opportunity. Employers who want to keep their star talent in place must invest in career development and promoting from within. 

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