Steady Job Growth Continued in July with the Addition of 215,000 Positions
5.3 percent unemployment rate is lowest since April 2008

  June Employment Report Shows Increase in Jobs,
Decrease in Unemployment Rate


May Job Growth Surges with the Addition of 280,000 Jobs

   April Shows Strong Job Growth after Weak Performance in March

Job Gains Continue But Numbers Lower Than Expected

  February Jobs Report Surpasses Economists' Expectations
  BLS Issues Strong Employment Report with 257,000 Jobs Added
December Unemployment Rate Plunges and Job Growth Remains Steady
November Experiences Job Growth Across Multiple Industries
 Unemployment Rate Declines and Job Creation Remains Steady in October
 Unemployment Rate Dips to its Lowest since 2008 and Job Creation Surges in September
 Job Creation in August Slows while Unemployment Rate Declines

July Job Creation Dips; Economic Growth Remains Steady

June Experiences Strong Job Growth and Decreased Unemployment Rate

May Brings More Jobs, Unchanged Unemployment Rate

Unemployment Rate in April Drops to Lowest in Five Years

March Sees Increase in Jobs and a Steady Unemployment Rate

February Sees Increase in Job Creation

January Sees Increase of 113,000 Jobs and a Lower Unemployment Rate

Unemployment Rate Continues to Decrease in December

November Employment Situation Reports Uptick in Jobs; Unemployment Rate Drops to 5-year Low

Jobs and Unemployment Rate Increase in October amidst the Government Shutdown

August Employment Rate Increases Slightly While Unemployment Rate Continues to Fall

July Employment Rises Slightly; Unemployment Rate Drops to Lowest Point Since 2008

June Economic Report Shows Continued Growth with Stronger Than Expected Jobs Creation