Chemical Department Manager - Champaign, Illinois

Job Reference:1001887740
Position Type:Permanent
City, State:Champaign, Illinois
Salary:US$0.00 - US$0.00 per year
Contact:Kim Pillischafske, Spherion, United States

Job Description

This position will be responsbile for converting wood pulp into viscose used to produce Fibrous casing and Skinless casing in a consistent manner to reach the highest quality for customers. Make up coag and regen baths use to coagulate and regenerate the casing in Process so as to produce the best casing possible. Recover as much of the coag and regen bath returned from Process as possible to minimize surcharges from the plant discharge. Recover and convert excess salt in the coag batch into Anhydrous Sodium Sulphate to specifications that meet or exceed our customer expectations. Manage and provide assistance to the supervisors and operators performing the tasks and functions necessary for the continuous operation of the Chemical Department


  1. Lead and direct Chemical supervisors to assure department goals and standards are met.
  2. Train Chemical supervisors and operators to build upon their knowledge of the plant and the department so that they will have a better understanding of the interdependency of all the other systems.          
  3. Work with Production Control on a daily basis to determine the volume of viscose needed for each line. This includes any code changes being made, the speed of the machines, and any machine shutdowns or start-ups.
  4. Assist Purchasing as to when raw materials need to be ordered, what our current volume is, and when orders need to be increased or decreased due to equipment or machine outages or start-ups.
  5. Test new raw materials and work with suppliers to improve the products we are using.
  6. Work continuously to improve the efficiency of the department by looking for ways to automate, improve job performance, energy efficiency, productivity, and yield.
  7. Motivate others to be leaders by developing their individual skills, bringing out or producing new talents, building upon their knowledge and giving them more knowledge, so as to have a better understanding of the chemistry of the viscose and casing industry.
  8. Complete SAP Work Notifications when Maintenance attention is required, EG. Repairs, PM’s , or Minor modifications."

Knowledge of the chemistry of how viscose is produced and how it is used to produce casing is essential. Experience with the equipment used in this process is of most importance in that there is much automation and time and temperature is the key to quality consistency.



Chemical engineering degree is preferred, but not essential. Experience and a good understanding of the equipment and the production of casing is a minimum