Director of R & D - Champaign, Illinois

Job Reference:1001897621
Position Type:Permanent
City, State:Champaign, Illinois
Salary:US$0.00 - US$0.00 per year
Contact:Staci Wahls, Spherion, United States

Job Description

The Director of R & D will direct the research and development of Fibrous casing on a global basis.  He/she will lead the team on developing significant fibrous technologies that result in greater product performance, increased market-share, reduced costs, and improved quality.  Position requires significant breadth of technical understanding of the Fibrous and Deli-Pak businesses and keeping the team focused on business priorities.


Key Result Areas

1. Identify and communicate to the technical team new projects supporting customer business objectives to create new products, production processes of greater performance, increase market share, reduce costs, and improve quality and consistency of Fibrous and Deli-Pak.  Identification of new projects is done through interaction with customers, sales, marketing, technical, management, and manufacturing.

2. Provide leadership, priorities, and assign tasks to the technical group on existing and new projects.

3. Establish a data base of technical knowledge about the processes, chemistry and incremental changes and improvements made in the products and processes. This data will be sued to document the chronology of changes in the process and will be used as resource for future technical projects and activities.

4. Proactively and affirmatively lead functional liaison activities between R&D activities, projects and developments between VUSA and the corporate R&D function.

5. Ensure proper focus and attention is applied to each project by creating priorities for the technical team.  Priorities are based on business priority and require continuous communication between departments within the company.  Evaluate and eliminate any projects that do not have justified business objectives.

6. Use extensive technical and management experience to train new and existing staff and provide technical consultation for all areas of the Fibrous and Deli-Pak Business.

7. Identify and ensure technology transfers take place between older staff nearing retirement to newer staff members.  Goals are to not lose key knowledge and capabilities in technology over time.

8. Create an open and supportive teamwork environment to develop a “High Performance" work performance.  Apply different communication techniques on specific personality types in the team using the “DISC Method" to maximize creative thought.


Unique technical expertise for cellulose and/or polymeric science is critical.  Technical expertise also in areas of fluid dynamics, physical sciences, chemistry, engineering, and manufacturing. 

Ph.D. in Chemistry or other Natural Science