Work/Life Balance: Why Employees Struggle to Transition from "Work" to "Life"

Can workers truly step away from their professional duties? With remote work capabilities expanding, employees feel more pressure to stay in “work mode” at all times. Not surprisingly, less than half (41 percent) of workers are satisfied with their ability to maintain work/life balance. Despite improved employer efforts to accommodate demands for flexibility, employees still appear to want more time away from their job. In fact, 41 percent of workers say they would take more vacation time over a pay raise if given the choice.

Workers' and employers' perspectives on paid vacation time vary significantly in several key areas

  • Employers
  • Employees

We allow employees to roll over unused paid vacation time


We feel that paid vacation time is a right of employment, rather than a benefit


Our paid vacation policy is inferior to that offered by our competitors


Our workers would rather have more paid vacation time than a pay raise


Despite their desires for more vacation time, many workers remain hesitant to step away from their jobs, even temporarily:

My company expects me to work while I’m on vacation


I feel guilty requesting paid vacation time


I’ve hesitated to take paid vacation time in fear of disrupting my team’s workflow

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