Accountant in Lopez

Lopez, Pennsylvania
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US$ 42,000 per year
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Ed Jenkins, Spherion
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Job Description

POSITION SUMMARY: Ensures that payroll systems, processes and deliverables are established and executed accurately, timely and in accordance with Company procedures. Analyzes systems and data and uses proper judgment and discretion to resolve issues and problems. Provides backup and assistance to Finance Manager to ensure that effective finance services are delivered to staff and students and financial reports are generated in compliance with GAAP and Company policies and procedures. Ensures strict confidentiality of sensitive information.

MANAGEMENT AND SUPERVISION: Manages and supervises finance staff.  Serves as Acting Finance Manager in Finance Manager’s absence.


·         Processes staff payroll and prepares payroll taxes, garnishments, insurance, reports, and related reconciliations and activities. Deposits payroll tax and files all payroll related reports timely.  Coordinates with Human Resources to ensure accuracy of payroll, deductions, and reporting.
·         Prioritizes to ensure that all tasks and deliverables are completed timely.
·         Analyzes systems and data to resolve issues and problems.
·         Edits the work of subordinate staff within the Finance Department.
·         Provides training to staff within the Finance Department.
·         Plays vital role in determining allowable versus disallowable expenses.
·         Reconciles the Accounts Payable (not Payroll) bank account, general ledger accounts and prepares associated journal entries. ·         Prepares Public Vouchers and all financial reports for submission to upper management, DOL Regional Office and corporate headquarters.
·         Records, audits, or reports financial transactions and controls the Student Welfare Fund, including the Student Store when applicable.
·         Frequently performs all tasks and duties assigned to the Finance department, including audits of cash and meal ticket funds, to support the department and to substitute for Finance Manager in his/her absence.
·         Maintains financial and cost data (including cash accounts, general ledger, cost ledger, A/R, etc.) in organized, efficient and logical systems.
·         Produces quality work/assignments in a thorough, timely and accurate manner.
·         Maintains appropriate personal attendance, accountability and work productivity standards.
·         Plans, prioritizes and organizes assignments to meet established goals and deadlines.
·         Understands and applies job knowledge to effectively complete all required job responsibilities. Proactively maintains the skills required to perform job duties.
·         Mentors, monitors and models the Career Success Standards as required by the PRH.
·         Shows respect and courtesy to students and holds them accountable for their actions and behavior.
·         Provides quality programs and services for students and ensures that quality is maintained and student needs are met. Pursues improvement and enhancement of programs and services.
·         Exchanges ideas and information, both orally and in writing, in a clear and concise manner and contributes meaningfully to group efforts by offering relevant ideas and knowledge. Provides quality and timely information to DOL/Company when requested. ·         Effectively articulates thoughts and ideas. Identifies problems, analyzes causes and evaluates appropriate solutions prior to taking or recommending actions. Follows up to ensure prompt/appropriate action and that problems are in fact corrected.
·         Other duties as assigned.


QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or related field.  Minimum of two years experience in business and accounting required. Computer literacy and proficiency in spreadsheet and word processing applications required.  Must successfully pass company accounting accuracy test.  

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