Bedford, Pennsylvania
Manufacturing & Production
Job Type
US$ 10.00 - US$ 15.00 per hour
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Jean Brugh, Spherion
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Job Description

Perform maintenance on machines, cleaning & organization of tools and work area, Set-up and program CNC machines; ensure parts are in compliance with customer drawing specifications.


Knowledge of G-codes and their functions
Good to excellent math and trigonometry skills
Extensive knowledge of tooling and set ups
Knowledge of all types of materials and their machining properties
Leadership ability
Excellent organizational skills
Ability to perform indexing


Ability to set up shop machinery Ability to set up tool and cutter and surface grinders. Ability to set up hardness testing equipment. Ability to repair tooling. Ability to perform milling operations. Ability to broach hexagon, square and round holes and key ways. Ability to use precision measuring instruments. Draw accurate wire frame of part. Generate complete and accurate tool paths to perform all necessary machining of part. Responsible for the necessary maintenance of data transfer to machines. Responsible for creating back-up of all Program Software programs. Order special parts/tools before job is started. Set up of CNC machines. Responsible for ensuring necessary maintenance is completed on machines. Check tooling, components and fluids on a regular basis. Conduct pre-operational checks of equipment. Select carbide tools and holders. Perform dimensional checks. Grind and sharpen tools and cutters. Perform various types of filing. Dial in shafts on machines. Dial in bores using a dial finger. Blue surfaces for flatness and fit. Select milling cutters. Research technical bulletins and publications. Develop CNC operating programs using the CAD/CAM system. Develop written procedures for manual programming of CNC machines. Program CNC machines.

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