Dish Room Workers in Altoona, PA

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Restaurant & Food Service
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US$ 9.00 per hour, 9.00
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Pam Laskovich, Spherion
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Job Description

Food Service Workers for Dish Room.


Set up dish machine for operation; receive, clean and wash soiled dishes as required. Maintain general sanitation of dish machine and dish room area. Deliver and store clean dishes to proper areas. Clean and maintain in proper order equipment such as carts, racks, dollies, etc. Empty, clean and maintain in sanitary condition garbage and trash cans. Clean and maintain janitors closets, trash room and sanitation equipment. Dismantle and clean exhaust system and filter. Wash, deliver and store pots and pans and equipment at pot sink area and maintain area in clean and sanitary condition. Clean and maintain floors, ceilings, walls, windows and lavatories, etc., including sweeping, mopping, washing, scrubbing, and buffing. Maintain sanitation around building and ice and snow removal at building entrances. Operate food service and building equipment such as vegetable peelers, floor machines, window washers, and others pertinent to the operation.. Set up dining rooms for special functions as scheduled. Move tables, chairs, partitions to designated arrangements. Place portable coffee urns and other beverage and food dispensers as directed.

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