Mounters Helper

Bedford, Pennsylvania
Manufacturing & Production (Production Occupations)
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Temp to Perm
Working Hours
6:50 - ?
US$ 12.00 per hour
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Spherion Bedford, Spherion
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Job Description

Mounters Helper


This is a very physically demanding job of continuous lifting, pushing of wheels and tires, bending over and fine hand motor skills of valve installation.


The mounting helper unpackages wheels, installs and torques valves with an air driven torque gun, installs decals on the wheels if required, aligns correct tire/wheel combination – in the correct direction – and pushes into the ramp leading to the mounter. There is a jib hoist available for usage with heavier wheels whereas the hoist is connected to the wheel and the wheel is picked straight up. (no sliding, that is dangerous) Then the wheel is placed on the floor with the operator using their foot on the bottom lip of the wheel so that the wheel sets in the upright position. Once all wheels are removed from the skid, mounting helpers then clean up any plastic wrapping, banding and clips and dispose in the proper recycling containers. This position would also include, but not every day, sweeping of the warehouse, work area, outside, and rotation of cleaning restroom and breakroom.