QA Inspector

Duncansville, Pennsylvania
Manufacturing & Production (Production Occupations)
Job Type
Temp to Perm
Working Hours
7am - 3pm
US$ 11.00 per hour, 11.00
Ref. Number
Tonya Laird, Spherion
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Job Description

Are you an Attention to Detail Person?  This a great opportunity for someone that likes detail and wants to make sure that things are done right.

General Objective of this Position:  This position is responsible to provide continuous quality control to assigned production areas by inspecting product at established frequencies against approved samples.  This position is also responsible for reporting any quality deficiencies to management.   

 1.      Inspect product against quality standards PERFORMANCE MEASURES: Inspect product at the assigned frequency Check quality of product against established standards  
 2.      Document quality discrepancies PERFORMANCE MEASURES: Complete Discrepancy Reports for all quality and accuracy discrepancies found during inspection upon finding the errors Ensure Discrepancy Reports are complete and accurate and submitted to Management  
3.      Inspect quality of product on job set-ups and prepare production packages for Machine Operators PERFORMANCE MEASURES: Ensure product matches the work order Ensure all Mail OK’s and samples meet quality and customer standards by use of proper verification check lists  
 4.      Workplace Safety PERFORMANCE MEASURES: Adhere to safety standards and participate in safety-related activities Report workplace accidents immediately      
 5.      Attendance PERFORMANCE MEASURES: Consistently report to work as scheduled or use appropriate call-in procedures for time off Consistently report to work, meetings, and other business appointments on time and prepared Achieve a healthy balance between personal life and work  
 6.      Adheres to Company and Departmental Compliance Requirements       PERFORMANCE MEASURES: Adhere to company policies and customer requirements Act in accordance with Company code of conduct Refrain from activities that could negatively impact Company or client adherence to regulatory or contractual requirements Maintain department-level controls for quality, accuracy, or performance of duties Report any suspected non-compliance, inaccuracy, procedural, or policy breach or concern using the appropriate escalation protocol  
7.       Adheres to Company and Departmental Requirements for Physical and Information Security        PERFORMANCE MEASURES: Adhere to departmental and company procedures and standards Only use company systems, networks, assets and resources in accordance with current acceptable use policy Maintain appropriate security practices for access, transmission, use, and disclosure of all electronic and hard copy information and data Safeguard client and company assets from unauthorized use and removal Maintain awareness of information security, including notifications by company security personnel Report any suspected security event or incident, including breach using the appropriate escalation protocols  
8.      Adheres  to Company and Departmental Quality Requirements PERFORMANCE MEASURES: Perform all tasks in accordance with department or process procedures Never circumvent controls or processes designed to ensure accuracy, integrity, or security of NAC products or systems Check your work output for accuracy.  You are expected to proof all work products for errors Check information to ensure it is accurate, complete, and applicable when providing instructions, reports, requests, or response to company personnel, customers, or other business contacts Ensure your work product meets company and client quality standards, when applicable Alert management to deviations in accuracy or products/services that do not meet requirements Apply adequate care and attention to detail in the performance of all work duties     


Ability to Measure
Ability to notice changes in placement and color or type.

Physical Demands: Constantly Incurred (More than 75% of time on job) ·         Ability to lift (0 - 10 lbs.) ·         Ability to carry (0 - 10 lbs.) ·         Ability to sit ·         Ability to walk ·         Ability to stand ·         Ability to bend (neck) ·         Twisting (neck and waist) ·         Repetitive use of both hands ·         Ability to use both hands for: Simple grasping and Fine manipulation ·         Reaching below shoulder level ·         Ability to stand on concrete ·         Ability to communicate ·         Ability to hear conversation   Frequently Incurred (Between 25% - 75% of time on job) ·         Ability to bend ·         Ability to walk ·         Ability to lift: Mod (Max 25 lbs.) ·         Ability to lift: Light (Max 10 lbs.) ·         Repetitive finger movement ·         Ability to use both hands ·         Ability to communicate orally ·         Ability to hear conversation ·         Use of color vision ·          Ability for rapid mental/muscular coordination simultaneously   Occasionally Incurred (Less than 25% of time on job) ·         Ability to lift (11 – 25 lbs.) ·         Ability to kneel ·         Ability to use both hands for: Power grasping ·         Ability to work in temperatures of <65 F to >95 F   Rarely Incurred (Less than 1 hour of time on job) ·         Ability to lift: (26 - 50 lbs.) ·         Ability to carry: (11 - 50 lbs.) ·         Ability to push and pull (0 – 1,100 lbs. rolling) ·         Pushing and pulling with both hands ·         Ability to reach above shoulder level ·         Ability for rapid mental/muscular coordination simultaneously   


Previous QA Experience.
Ability to read measurements.

  Education: ·         High School Diploma or General Education Degree (GED) 2.      Experience: ·         One to two years related experience/training in quality control and plant experience preferred                                                 Strong attention to detail ·         Ability to work under high pressure and meet production standards ·         


Maintain Quality of product being produced.


HS Diploma or GED

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