Sales Incentive Compensation Analyst

Decatur, Illinois
Finance & Economics (Business and Financial Operations Occupations)
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Working Hours
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
US$ 20.00 - US$ 30.00 per hour
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Pratt,Tom, Spherion
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Job Description

Assist with its sales incentive and commission process. This person will assist in documenting the current sales incentive process and improving the current process to reduce cycle time for its completion. This role is likely targeted for three months, but could be more or less depending on the project timeline and the contractor skill set. This role will be a combination of process mapping, process improvement recommendations, and daily management of sales incentive related items. The duties will contain the execution of tactical items as well as scrutinizing existing processes. This is not an administrative position, but is more of a hybrid role that includes Exempt-level skills to combine research techniques, Excel knowledge, and making linkages on disparate systems to recommend solutions as well as daily management of more routine tasks associated with the Company???s incentive plan process.

Project Management - Ensuring all sales incentive issues have been documented, are being tracked, and there is a plan of action for each. This person would treat each problem like a project, create a team from the business and functional teams and begin to work on discovery.

Investigator - Taking the lead on investigating issues. He/She will be the person directly responsible for determining the reasons/explanation around date or calculation failures. He/She will likely have to look at 1) processes 2) system setup and data integrity 3) system use errors and 4) change management. They should pare to things out, and bring it to the Company to make decisions. None of this will be accomplished in a vacuum, though. The sales leaders, the businesses, I.T., and those managing the overall incentive process will all have to participate. The Company can point the person in the right direction and he/she just dig???looking to identify the bread crumbs that lead back to root causes.

Tester - This will take a massive amount of trial and error. He/She will need to be very persistent and use brute strength to get results. Part of our challenges has been availability of time to keep up with the monthly issues that develop. Having a dedicated person to effectively bring the right people together will have an immediate impact of getting traction, though progress may move slowly. Once this person can isolate what is happening, he/she will hand it off to the internal team for solutions on fixes.

Duties, tasks, and deliverables would include the following:
Documenting the existing sales incentive process
Creating checklists and other tools for replicatable monthly sales incentive calculation process
Work with internal company resources to gain commitment on delivering input data in a consistent format and timing to reduce the current sales incentive calculation cycle time
Researching employee questions on their existing sales incentive and commission payments
Making recommendations for aggregating existing sales data and commission payouts to provide useful employee reports
Review of various data sources to identify data discrepancies among reports to increase confidence of report data
Create communications that help explain current sales incentive program details
Possible review of upstream processes (order entry) creating downstream calculation and crediting issues

Working hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Desired contractor skill set
Heavy Excel usage, including data analysis, reviewing current Excel tools, and ability to create useful Excel tools for administration and Sales employee communication
Comfortableness documenting existing processes and putting processes in flow maps and other visual management tools (Visio, swim lanes, etc.)
Good communicator with various levels and functions, from direct employee communications to requesting support from other functional groups to assist with cycle time reduction

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