Scrap Recycling Material Handler

Irwin, Pennsylvania
Manufacturing & Production (Production Occupations)
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Job Description

We are seeking a Scrap Recycling Material Handler to recycle tungsten carbide hard scrap back to ready to use powder which involves weighing material, loading and running furnaces, crushing, milling and blending powder.


Carbide experience a plus but not necessary.


Carbide scrap recycling but not necessary.


  • Weigh and sort product upon receipt
  • Periodically records data for quality purposes
  • Places product into crucibles
  • Places graphite crucibles with product on hydraulic lift using forklift
  • Operates barrel dumper
  • Operates and monitors computerized LED readout on furnace to calibrate the program
  • Observe furnace activity by computer monitor
  • Periodically records data from furnace monitor
  • Perform day to day functions of operating furnaces to meet production planning
  • Daily inspection of equipment for preventative maintenance and repairs to be performed by maintenance technician
  • Places the product into crushing machine
  • Loads and unloads product in mill
  • Screens the powder to assure it is uniform
  • Places the reworked powder into cans and stacks the can according to lot number and grain size
  • Places the product into the V-Blender
  • Starts and tends machine intermittently through operation
  • Empties the V-blender and places the material into cans
  • Clean the screens and wipes off all of the machinery and equipment
  • Labels the can according to date, grade and lot number
  • Moves the can into packaging/shipping area
  • Lift and move any large product with and without assistance
  • Inspects and weighs the cans to assure it meets the work order specifications
  • Record data for packaging and shipping purposes
  • Distributes packaging and shipping labels to cans and pallet for shipment pick up
  • Receives approved bill of lading  and shipping labels from Administrative Manager
  • Affixes bill of lading and shipping labels to cans and pallet for shipment pickup
  • Operates pallet jack to load shipment onto truck
  • Adheres to all safety policies and procedures


High School Diploma or Equivalent