Uniontown, Pennsylvania
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Temp to Perm
US$ 13.87 per hour
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Jackie McGrail, Spherion
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Job Description

Job Description:

Position Overview We are seeking a highly dependable, self-motivated candidate for a full-time Welder/Production Tech position. You will be responsible for various types of weld preparation, welding, and weld finishing operations. MIG/TIG welders must be careful and pay close attention, because of the dangerous nature of super-heated metal in an industrial area.


Required Knowledge
 ·         Work well in Team atmosphere
 ·         Assemble and weld from blueprints
 ·         Excellent MIG/TIG experience
 ·         Ability to safely use and lift equipment weighing 80 lbs.
 ·         Ability to use basic hand and power tools
         Ability to read and use a tape measure and square to precise measurements
 ·         Ability to maintain attendance in company guidelines.
 ·         Demonstrate self-sufficiency
 ·         Must be detail-orientated.
 ·         Basic math skills; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  

 Education Requirements
 Program of Study Vocation training in MIG/TIG welding  
Experience Requirements
 MIG/TIG Welding – at least two years


Essential Duties and Responsibilities
 ·         At least 2 years MIG/TIG welding experience; prior experience in a machine shop helpful
 ·         Basic Computer Skills
 ·         Attention to Detail: Welders need to make clean lines and cuts when welding. Paying attention to the job at hand is necessary
 ·         Dexterity: MIG welders work with their hands, and need to be steady during the welding process.
 ·         Strength: MIG welders often need to lift or hold heavy pieces of metal in place while welding.
 ·         Stamina: Welders can expect long hours on their feet, often in hot conditions
 ·         Technical skills: Welding equipment requires technical knowhow, as does reading blueprints and understanding how the final product should look.
 ·         Troubleshooting skills: Welders should see flaws in welds or structural imperfections in the metal.
 ·         Good Vision: Keeping a steady eye on the weld as it takes form requires good vision.  

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