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Spherion offers highly desirable cleaner jobs at competitive companies all over the country, and our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect position. Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience under your belt, we can help. 

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Types of Jobs

Types of cleaner jobs

Spherion’s cleaner openings

Are you looking for a job as a cleaner? This page gives you a brief overview of all our cleaner openings. Here you can find a cleaner job that works for you. You can filter our cleaner jobs based on industry, location, job type and salary.

Different types of cleaning jobs

Spherion has four types of job categories for cleaner job openings: contract, permanent, temp to perm, and temporary. Go to the cleaner  job board and find the cleaner job type that works for you.

Do you want to find out what other types of jobs we have available in the housekeeping industry? Then check our housekeeping job offers.

All you need to know about cleaner jobs

Cleaners keep homes and businesses running by ensuring that spaces are sanitary and neat. For example, your job as a cleaner might involve disinfecting and restocking bathrooms and washing towels or kitchen items. You'll also vacuum, sweep, dust, mop and take out the trash as necessary. Your role could include performing minor maintenance tasks, and you may have the responsibility for refilling paper towels, soap and other supplies. In addition, you'll need to make sure that all cleaning supplies and trash bags remain in stock. If supplies run low, you'll have the responsibility of ordering more.

Do you want some more information about what it is like to work as a cleaner? Visit our cleaner job profile page.

Is a cleaner paid well?

On our cleaner job profile page, you can find all you need to know about a cleaner’s salary. Did you spot an interesting cleaner job? You can easily check the salary by clicking on the job description of any of our cleaner openings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a résumé to apply to jobs?

No, you don’t need a résumé to apply for a job at Spherion. We encourage everyone to build a résumé and keep it updated, so we’ve created some great resources to help you if you are just getting started with a résumé or you need some guidance. Start here with our job tips blog for resume writing advice.


How do I apply to jobs I'm interested in?

The best way to apply for jobs on Spherion is to simply click the Apply Now button on any job you're interested in. Some job postings may also have contact information for the local Spherion recruiters involved, if you prefer to call directly.


I applied for a job and never heard back. What now?

We put a lot of people to work around the country, so it’s not always possible to inform every candidate if they haven’t been selected for an interview. Rest assured that if you were chosen to be interviewed, someone from your local Spherion office will be in touch with you. If there is a particular type of role you’re looking for, find your local Spherion office and connect with a local recruiter. They’ll help you find jobs that interest you and match your skills and qualifications.


Can I get an alert when a job I'm interested in is posted?

Absolutely! We highly recommend you sign up for job alerts to hear about jobs that interest you before anyone else does. You can customize what types of jobs are sent to you and how often you receive them.


Can you help with my résumé?

Of course! First and foremost we recommend reading the numerous resources available to you on our job tips blog. There’s plenty of helpful advice from industry insiders about résumé writing. If you feel you need more help, you can connect with your local Spherion recruiter to discuss your résumé and what types of jobs you're looking to find. Find your local Spherion office.


Do you have any advice for job seekers?

Helping job seekers with resumes, interview skills, and other elements of the job hunt is a key part of what we do. We highly recommend you check out our job tips blog for ongoing advice. You can also connect with the team at your local Spherion office. They will be happy to talk with you about your career and how Spherion can help.