Emerging Workforce Study

The Emerging Workforce® Study (EWS) by Spherion annually examines key issues and trends impacting the American workplace. The only nationally representative survey of both employers and employees, the study reflects the input of more than 220,000 workers and thousands of employers. Building on nearly 20 years of research, the study continues to reveal new insights and implications that employers can factor into their workforce planning strategies to boost their ability to attract, engage, develop and retain the best employees.


With compelling insights to support improved performance, productivity and profitability, the latest study taps into both worker and employer sentiment around a number of compelling topics: 

  • Skill gaps 
  • The multi-generational workforce
  • Talent pipelining 
  • Employer branding and reputation 
  • Work/life balance 
  • Diversity and inclusion 
  • Workplace collaboration
  • Training, career development and coaching
  • Succession planning