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We know your business is unique. That’s why we offer a suite of specialized direct hire services to meet your hiring needs and workforce challenges.

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Traditional contingent search

The right match. The right way.

You know the person you need, but you’re just not having success. Our traditional DirectHIRE service can help you offload most of the hiring tasks to us. 

In our DirectHIRE approach, we get to know you, your company culture, and exactly what you need for a particular role. We take care of sourcing, screening, and managing the hiring process, so you can focus on other, more important tasks in your organization. You just participate in the interview process and make a decision. 

When to lean into Spherion's DirectHIRE services:

  • Existing recruiting efforts have been unsuccessful.
  • It's difficult to find the required diverse slate of candidates.
  • You're experiencing declined offers or failed starts.
  • You have undefined source, selection, and/or hiring metrics.
  • Your current HR or talent acquisition teams lack bandwidth. 


Retained search; ideal for business-critical or influential roles

High Impact. High Performers. High Expectations.

When you need to hire employees who are critical to your company’s success, our specialized DirectRETAINED service is the solution. With this retained search service, you get a dedicated, highly engaged and seasoned recruitment team that can source these hard-to-fill roles in a time-sensitive and discreet manner. 

Our DirectRETAINED teams act as an ambassador for your company, working closely with you to understand the nuances of your culture and needs. Their careful and thorough search yields only the finest candidates with impeccable work history and experience. In most cases, we access our nationwide and global executive relationships to ensure a successful match.

When to partner with Spherion to find your next company leader:

  • You require culturally and geographically diverse candidates.
  • You're looking for a dedicated search and hire effort with guaranteed results.
  • Your search is highly confidential and must be handled with care.
  • You need a leader with a specific personality and industry experience who can mesh well with your company culture and work environment.


Flexible fee structure and ideal for exempt roles

Flexible billing. Fast time-to-fill. Efficient.

If you’re looking for an alternative to temporary hiring for your non-exempt roles, you're struggling to find quality temporary candidates, and/or you face budget restraints, our DirectFLEX™ service can help. 

Spherion DirectFLEX™ offers greater flexibility in placement fee structure than traditional Direct Hire services. With the placement fees spread out over an agreed-upon period of time, you avoid upfront fees that might be a roadblock to building the team you need.

When to rely upon Spherion's DirectFLEX™ services:

  • You have limited internal talent acquisition in your organization.
  • Your hiring team has loosely defined or inconsistent hiring processes.
  • You have a need for predictable billing. 
  • Your business is experiencing cash flow issues and/or budget constraints.
  • You need extra bandwidth to support high-volume needs.

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