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    Our latest Emerging Workforce® Study explores the shifting attitudes and motivations of a diverse and dynamic workforce.

    The ongoing Study tracks and analyzes the changing attitudes of the American workforce and the resulting implications for those who employ them. It offers deep insights to help employers build a powerful talent engine – one that is engaged, productive, and positively advocating for the brand.

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  • Emerging Workforce

    • Employers’ named “finding qualified/skilled workers” as their top HR challenge.
    • Nearly three-quarters (65%) of companies say they are more worried about the talent shortage today than they were one year ago.
    • Employees who are engaged are 40% more likely to stay with their company for the next 5 years than employees who are not engaged.
    • 93% companies believe their employees are important brand ambassadors for the company, yet only 35% of workers would say something very positive about their company.