2013 study findings: building brand influencers​

The 2013 Emerging Workforce: Series One

The recession has birthed a new standard of business model and caused a resurgence of the emergent worker mentality, one which focuses on a free agency-style employment, according to a comprehensive study of U.S. employers and workers released by Spherion today.

​Growing Need for Building Brand Influencers from the Inside

The new workforce has been shown to have a much stronger desire for corporate mission and values have taken on significant role in the retention of top talent.  Employers who have a clear mission and follow-through on that mission have higher levels of satisfied workers, better employee retention and a greater number of employee referrals – all vastly increasing corporate productivity.

Social Media’s Impact on Building Brand and Corporate Disconnects

  • 45 percent of all workers believe a company’s social media outlet is influential when choosing a new employer.  Yet, only 27 percent of companies believe social media outlets are influential on how a candidate views their organization.
  • Attempting to build on brand, the number of companies that have a social media strategy did increase by 21 percentage points (to 45 percent) since 2009. However, the percentage that felt their program was successful increased only slightly, from 24 percent to 30 percent.​

Additional Results from the 2013 Emerging Workforce Study: Series One- Building Brand Influencers

  • Companies with well-developed brands/mission have a 70 percent rating for keeping current employees for the next 5 years, compared to just 34 percent for companies with no clear mission.
  • Job satisfaction ratings are at 70 percent for those with solid brands, compared to just 23 percent for those without.
  • 41 percent of employees working for a company without a clear mission are likely to seek employment elsewhere, compared to just 21 percent working for a company with a solid brand.
  • Approximately one quarter of employees (23 percent) say their company does not have a clear corporate mission.
  • Only 46 percent of respondents say their company is effective at communicating their corporate mission.
  • And only 51 percent of workers say their company follows-through on their mission well.
  • 41 percent of workers rate “a company whose online mission and values are followed-through upon” as important to their retention.
  • 47 percent of workers agree that “when considering new employment, a company’s online reputation will be equally important as the offer I am given.​

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