2014 EWS

The 2014 Emerging Workforce Study is our latest survey revealing new trends and insights into employee mindsets, along with implications for employers who, as competition for talent continues to intensify, need to better understand the challenges, motivations and aspirations of their employees.

For the past several years, companies have reduced, restructured, rationalized and pushed people to work harder than ever before…leaving workers feeling overwhelmed, under appreciated and disengaged, just as market pressure creates a burning need for businesses to innovate and grow. The power is shifting as high-performing employees begin to exert greater control over their careers. Companies that can’t attract, engage and retain the right talent will lose out.

With more than 15 years of rich data from almost a quarter of a million workers and hundreds of companies, Spherion has uniquely deep insights into what is happening within the U.S. workforce and the impact on employers. Through this continuous, in-depth study of America at work, Spherion delivers organizations better intelligence to make informed decisions.

The 2014 study illustrates interesting changes at work and taps into worker sentiment around new topics:

  • Links between employee engagement and key HR outcomes
  • How to tailor recruitment efforts
  • Impact of social media on recruitment and satisfaction of talent
  • Key factors that drive customer loyalty
  • How to handle five generations together in one workplace

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