We're about action.

We're here to help job seekers build meaningful careers in workplaces that value them and treat them fairly. We're also here to help employers elevate their workplaces to not only comply with standards around equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), but also become models for the modern workplace.

We know there is always more work to do when it comes to EDI, and we're investing time and resources to ensure that EDI best practices are woven into our policies and mindsets. 

  1. We've established an EDI council that includes our candidates, clients, local office employees, owners, and corporate team members. The council reflects the diversity we wish to achieve at Spherion. 
  2. We regularly meet with local community partners on tough issues to further understand all perspectives and what role Spherion can play in resolving issues or moving discussions forward. 
  3. We treat all candidates fairly and frequently check employee and client survey feedback as well as online review sentiment to see where there’s room for improvement.