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Compensation has a direct impact on your bottom line, but not in the way you may think. Yes, salaries are an expenditure, but what you pay out in employee compensation will return to you in bottom-line results. Following the advice in our 2023 Salary Guide is a forward-thinking approach that will earn you the attention and loyalty of top-tier talent. The connection is clear: employers who offer greater employee pay will reap the rewards of greater performance.

If you want a workforce that gets results, it comes at a price. And, if your employees' salaries are not competitive, another company will snatch them up. The old adage, “You get what you pay for” has never been truer. Your ability to build, engage, and retain a highly skilled workforce has strong ties to compensation. Our salary report bears this out.

According to study after study into what motivates the workforce, money is the number one influencer in employment decisions. Moreover, it’s also the top reason employees plan to leave, with one-quarter of workers planning to exit in the next three months and one-third within the next year—proof that employee compensation has the power to open and close doors.

To ensure your pay scale is working for you and not against you, we have compiled the most current salary data broken out by location, position, and experience. Fill out the form above and your local Spherion office will share our latest salary guide and compensation survey with you. 

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