Why use Spherion's Paycheck Comparison?

Knowing how your pay compares to similar positions in your local community and across the United States comes with many benefits. Our salary comparison tool can help job seekers like you:

  • Know your worth: Find out if you’re being paid more or less than the average employee in a role similar to yours.
  • Trust in our data: Our salary averages are pulled from thousands of jobs across the country and supplemented with data from our research database.
  • Prepare for interviews: Applying for jobs? Use our salary comparison tool to know how much compensation you should ask for. 
  • Gear up for your annual review: It’s common to have discussions about merit or pay raises during an annual (or more frequent) review. Use Spherion’s paycheck comparison to benchmark your current pay and come to your next review armed with valid data about why you deserve a raise.
  • Find a well-paying career: According to the US Department of Labor, the average person changes careers five to seven times during their working years. If you’re looking for a fresh start but want to ensure your desired new profession will also pay the bills, use our salary comparison tool to find average salaries for almost any job in the US. Then, tap over to Spherion’s job board to find that perfect role in your community.

Employers can use our salary comparison tool to:

  • Explore typical pay for different job titles your business employs.
  • Measure how your compensation offerings compare with your local market and industry average.
  • Begin to plan for changes your company may want to make to meet or exceed local salary offerings for roles that are essential to your operations. 
  • Gather data about the compensation candidates and employees can expect when working in your industry.
  • Benchmark your pay offering against other companies. Our salary comparison tool is a great way to get surface-level data about what makes a competitive wage in your area. 

For more detailed information, reach out to your local Spherion office for access to one of our free salary guides and a customized plan for managing staff expenses efficiently through one of Spherion's outsourced talent management solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Salary and Job Pay