Launching a European Company's First US Factory through Direct Hire


Spherion Staffing's direct hire services resulted in a 100% placement and retention rate for a European food manufacturer. The company opened its first US-based facility on time with the talent it needed to track towards its productivity goals from Day 1.


The Need for Localized Hiring Expertise

In a significant move into the American market, a prominent European food manufacturing company embarked on establishing a state-of-the-art production facility in a rural area just outside a major US city. Recognizing the need for localized expertise in navigating the nuances of the US labor landscape, the company enlisted the services of a contract HR Director to consult on labor expectations and oversee the assembly of an entire factory production team, encompassing leadership roles and staff positions.

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Staffing the Factory with a Dynamic HR Team

Initially relying on the recommendations of a global organizational consulting firm for their local hiring needs, the HR Director soon became dissatisfied with the level of engagement and expertise offered by the recruitment firm. In search of a more capable partner, the HR Director opted for Spherion Staffing & Recruiting, drawn to their deep roots in the community, comprehensive knowledge of the local labor market, and established presence in the area.

Spherion immediately recognized the gravity of the situation and paired their local Spherion leader with the HR Director to form a dynamic and responsive HR team dedicated to staffing the factory via Spherion's DirectHIRE services. This collaboration allowed the European company to access critical labor market insights and hiring data essential for their decision-making process. These insights encompassed a wide spectrum of crucial information, such as US salary expectations, insurance requirements, benefits and incentives, pay rates, and pay periods. 

Moreover, the operation was conducted with confidentiality, preventing any potential competitors from gaining insight into the facility's details while offering the flexibility necessary to meet the demands of an international company launching its inaugural domestic project.

Roles Filled

  • North America Business Unit Manager
  • Engineering & Maintenance Director 
  • Maintenance Mechanic
  • Production Director 
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A Partnership with Tangible Results

4+ senior-level roles filled

Spherion filled four senior-level roles within the initial hiring phase, including North American President. Spherion plans to fill 10 more leadership roles for this client by the end of 2023.

100% acceptance rate

Spherion's direct hire services resulted in a 100% acceptance rate by the client for all candidates interviewed.

100% retention rate

As of fall 2023, 100% of candidates placed through Spherion's direct hire process are still employed by the client.

The results of this collaboration spoke volumes about its efficacy. During the initial hiring phase, the HR team successfully filled over four senior-level positions, which included the North American President, with the ambitious goal of reaching ten placements by the close of 2023. Impressively, Spherion achieved a remarkable 100% acceptance rate for all candidates who underwent the rigorous interview process. 

Furthermore, as of the fall of 2023, the company had managed to retain all the candidates they had placed, attesting to the caliber of talent selected and the meticulousness of the hiring process. This case study stands as a testament to the success of the partnership between the European food manufacturing company and Spherion in establishing a thriving presence in the US market.

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“Spherion has always been there when I needed them. They know the market, the community, the people. That’s why we’re batting 1000 with our candidates, and they were some very difficult roles to fill.”

HR Director


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