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Hear From Our Owners

Our owners come from all walks of life, from all around the country.

Hear what they have to say about their experiences as Spherion owners.

Why Owners Love Spherion

Hear from these owners as they share how Spherion set them up for success. By being part of the Spherion franchise community, they were able to drive financial success and grow their business.

It's a Great Franchise Model

Diana Schafer and Margaret Leitinger talk about why Spherion is a good system. Molly Gaffney-Keebler shares her experience and Stacey Reece comments on the peace-of-mind the Spherion brand has provided.

Training is Outstanding

Hear what our owners have to say about training: The training from Spherion is huge! There is a training path for new employees AND new owners. Your entire staff can access and leverage.The training allowed me to open our doors successfully.

From Employee to Owner

Michael Chalmers started with Spherion in 2006, working as a Branch Manager. Now, Michael is the proud owner of four Spherion offices in Georgia and Alabama. 

Watch Michael's Spherion Story to learn how he got where he is today, what inspires him on a daily basis and his words of advice for anyone considering a similar path.

Providing Value Every Day

Erich Radlmann shares ownership of four Spherion offices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Echoing the Spherion founder, Leroy Dettman's, mission to "connect the right employee with the right business at the right time," Erich explains how they are helping companies achieve their business goals.