If you’re looking to jump start your life and become your own boss — all while investing in and contributing value to your community — starting a staffing agency might be just the ticket for you. Imagine:

  • Building your career on your own schedule 
  • Growing a business that can stay in your family for generations
  • Deepening your ties with your local community 

To help you make all of that a reality, let’s walk through the steps involved in opening a staffing agency, as well as the benefits our highly scalable staffing business model at Spherion Staffing brings to the equation. Rather than accruing the risks and costs associated with building your own business from the ground up, our model allows anyone with the right mix of drive and determination to become a successful business owner. Here’s why it just might be the right move for you today

Assessing the Opportunity

Look around your local business district. How many small businesses, office buildings, manufacturing plants, warehouses and enterprises of all kind do you see? Each one of them needs a reliable and responsible staffing resource. Day in and day out, your local business community relies on staffing partners, which is why staffing agencies are so vital to business growth.

So if you think there’s a void in your community for trusted, reliable and local staffing support, then starting a staffing agency certainly sounds like a viable opportunity. Of course, that’s only the first step. The next is deciding whether you want to go it alone — or if a franchise-based model that has a proven track record of success is the better path to business ownership. 

Developing a Business Plan

Truly successful business plans are rarer than you might think. With Spherion Staffing, on the other hand, you’ll gain access to a staffing agency business plan that has consistently been shown to meet demand and deliver value. It’ll show you how to partner with business leaders, identify pain points, support their talent planning efforts — plus a whole lot more. 

We’ll also work with you to create a customized staffing business development plan — think of it as a blueprint to help you reach your revenue goals.t When you franchise with us, we’ll support you comprehensively, ensuring your business not only gets off the ground successfully but continues to excel down the line. 

Figuring Out Financing

Financing a new business is probably the biggest obstacle a lot of people face when starting a new business. In fact, the lower cost of entry, together with the proven business model, is part of the reason so many determined entrepreneurs wind up deciding to invest in a franchise, instead of going it on their own.

If that sounds like you, you should know that at Spherion Staffing we’ve  built our own unique in-house funding options. Think of it as a creative solution that can help you finance staffing agencies utilizing our concept. That, together with the strong relationships we have developed with other funding sources, has made the process of financing their dreams a whole lot easier for many of our franchise owners. And it could be true for you, as well.

Next Steps 

The bottom line is that franchises are a smart business choice, with higher success rates than any other type of business in North America. Plus,now that we’ve broken down the steps involved in opening a staffing franchise, including the clear advantages that result from working with an established partner like Spherion, you might be wondering what we’re looking for from prospective franchise owners in turn. And we’re happy to answer. 

While our franchisees are a diverse mix, to be sure, a few common characteristics jump out right away. For example, they’re:  

  • driven
  • self-motivated 
  • personable 
  • excited about working with clients and candidates 
  • committed to contributing value to the communities they serve 

At the end of the day, we want all of our franchisees to not only build viable, successful businesses, but truly enjoy the work that they do.  So if any of the above traits apply to you, and you’re interested in learning more about how to start a staffing agency, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.We’d be thrilled to talk to you about how you can change your career — and your life — with a Spherion Staffing franchise today.