If you’re a baseball fan, you might be actively watching the player trades and management change-ups happening now in the offseason. 

Now’s the time when teams are assessing their strengths and weaknesses, reconsidering their budget, and filling gaps in their lineup. They’re planning ahead to ensure they can train appropriately to improve those weaknesses. They’re strategically investing in resources that will improve morale and performance. And they’re taking action now to improve team chemistry so that when next season arrives, the team can play in a positive atmosphere that encourages a World Series-winning performance.  

We can draw a lot of parallels between the hard work of preparing a baseball team and the hard work of making sales in staffing and recruiting. 

Much of staffing sales is about persevering year-round: 

  • Selling a potential employer client on your staffing agency’s ability to be a trusted HR partner. 
  • Assuring the client that your recruiters are top-notch and will find the employees they need no matter the season. 
  • Convincing candidates that your recruiting services are the best in town at the moment they need a position.

A common adage in sales is that if you’re not selling today, you won’t have business tomorrow. Like any sport, improving your performance requires constant training and effort. Plus, while our modern interconnectivity means there’s no excuse for not reaching out to potential clients around the clock, it also means you can potentially always be on the clock. This also means your competition isn’t limited to the staffing agencies in your local area. Combined, all of these factors make the idea of selling staffing services seem daunting. 

Baseball connecting with a baseball bat

However, Spherion has refined our business model over the past 77 years to make this process less intimidating. We continually update our offerings and processes to help ensure each prospecting call you make has a viable path to a deal. We help you translate your unique professional background into proficient sales capabilities. And we offer B2B sales training with proven results that help every franchise owner confidently navigate new and established sales relationships for their business.

But How Do You Master Cold Calling? Are Cold Calls Even Worth The Effort Anymore? 

In short, yes. As a professional, you’ve probably received a sales cold call recently, and for good reason: They work. People still enjoy connecting and learning from others about products and services that can make their personal or professional lives better. 

On average, Spherion offices generate an impressive $7.4 million in revenue from about 5,000 sales calls per year. This equates to more than 100 calls per week. Some of those calls are to established clients to recommend additional services, but most, especially at first, will be cold calls. 

Don't enjoy making 100 introductory calls every week? You're not alone. Making all those calls may not always be fun or exciting, but it's important to understand that your sales efforts contribute to your own financial rewards. In other words, you have to put in the work to receive the reward. Spherion knows what works when it comes to positioning yourself as the local staffing leader, and it’s a strong sales program.

Okay, But My Sales Experience is Limited. Can I Still Succeed as a Spherion Franchisee?

While we do look for sales experience in our franchise owner candidates, Spherion doesn't require a traditional sales background to reach your professional growth potential. Many of our franchise owners gained “sales” experience along with valuable emotional intelligence and relationship-building skills through professions such as:

  • Teaching
  • Military service
  • Event production
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing

Their diverse professional experiences contribute to their success because building relationships and effectively communicating are key soft skills that help our franchise owners reach their financial goals. It’s one thing to put yourself out there and make a sales call to a new company or individual. But the job doesn’t end there. Successful franchise owners must have the charisma, organization, and persistence to see a new deal through to completion, and then nurture the relationship throughout the partnership. So many professions outside of sales teach these essential traits. If you have those already, you’re already halfway to a great career in staffing with Spherion.

So How Can I Successfully Sell Year-Round? 

Selling isn't just about endless cold calls; it's an opportunity for Spherion franchisees to build relationships and increase revenues, thanks to the support and training provided by Spherion.

At Spherion, we are committed to your professional development. We understand that a strong support system is necessary for long-term success in the staffing and recruiting industry. That's why we offer comprehensive support and training. New Spherion franchisees receive more than 380 hours of training before opening their first office, including in-person and web-based curriculum encompassing business leadership, finance, sales, recruitment, marketing, human resources, and back-office expertise. We call this our New Franchisee Launch program, and its goal is to bolster your existing sales experience with strategies and tools that will prepare you for success in making B2B sales with potential employer clients.

We also provide a one-week ownership boot camp at our corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, to reinforce our franchise framework and culture while enhancing your business development skills.

After you open your doors, Spherion leadership continues to support you. Your portfolio manager and other support staff will spend 80 hours with you in the first month of operation to build your confidence as a new staffing business owner. While sales continues to be a prominent focus, we also provide ongoing training that covers technology, recruitment strategies, compliance, workplace safety, workforce trends, marketing strategies and business development through monthly online events. 

What Will Your Spherion Batting Average Be?

At Spherion, success is not just about your batting or winning average. Investing time and energy into the work of nurturing new client and candidate sales relationships as a staffing and recruiting franchise owner pays off. How? 

  • Local businesses that flourish because your franchise helped them staff appropriately and cost-effectively. 
  • Individuals who can provide for their families because your recruiters found them a job they love showing up for every day. 
  • Communities that increase their standard of living because you’re helping connect individuals and organizations through purposeful work that creates economic returns greater than the sum of its inputs.

The home run part? You get to enjoy the financial rewards with the people you care about.

As we enter the year-end peak hiring season, Spherion franchisees are reaping the rewards of their hard work from all of 2023. Their current business activity is a result of the foundational work of calling and building relationships all year.  Just like in the World Series, reaching growth milestones in the staffing industry doesn't happen overnight. It's a result of dedication, strategy, and the right game plan.

If you're ready to swing for the fences in a league of your own, reach out to our franchising experts today to learn how to win at a whole new ball game with the team at Spherion.

About the Author
Bill Tasillo
Bill Tasillo

Bill Tasillo

Vice President of Franchise Sales & Market Development

Certified as a franchise executive by the International Franchise Association, Bill brings a hands-on coaching style to his passion for helping new and seasoned franchisees grow their careers with Spherion.