When most people think of franchises, they generally picture a popular fast food restaurant. However, as you research the franchising industry and all it has to offer, you’ll quickly find that you can own anything from a QSR giant to a small business franchise, and everything in-between.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs shy away from the idea of small business because of the risks and costs associated with starting one. However, franchising is considered one of the most successful models of small business. Yes, there may be plenty of franchises out there dominating the country, but you can still enjoy the benefits of a franchisor and be considered a small business owner! 

In fact, there are hundreds of small businesses out there filling niche categories in the franchise industry, whether they be coaching franchises, travel planning franchises – or staffing franchises. Franchising isn’t just about selling french fries.

Taking what we do here at Spherion for example, opening a staffing franchise can be considered the same as opening a small business. When you open a small business, you serve as a resource for people in your own community – a place where they can go, see a familiar face and receive the products or services that they need. While Spherion is a national recruiting and staffing enterprise, we bring the power of local to our clients and candidates through our network of franchise owners. Each Spherion office is truly a local business, as franchisees are deeply engrained in their respective communities. To put it simply, we have localized roots in every market where we operate. 

Not to mention, the investments made by franchisees funnel right back into the local economy. As a franchisee, Spherion owners become the face of their small business franchise and make a local impact similar to what you’d expect from a traditional small business, such as sponsoring a little league team or giving back to local charities. 

However, as a small business franchise owner, you aren’t left to face the fears that many entrepreneurs have when running a traditional small business. We provide you with unmatched training and support that includes a structured 232 hour on-boarding curriculum. Not only do we manage areas such as payroll, client billing and risk mitigation, but we also propel our franchisees forward with the latest technology, targeted marketing campaigns and much more to support your growth. This is just a glimpse of what you can expect as a franchisee with a world-class franchise like Spherion.

While Spherion can be considered a small business franchise, the sky is the limit for growth under the appropriate circumstances. Nearly half of our current franchisees have more than one office, and many of our markets offer the opportunity for multiple offices. You may even have the opportunity to purchase an additional territory. Your success (as well as ours) is tied to your growth and profitability, and we’re here to help you operate under the best circumstances so you can flourish – and help others in your community flourish as well!