What does a sales representative do?

As a sales representative (salesperson), you apply knowledge of a company's products and services to connect with new and existing clients to increase sales. You generate leads, deliver follow-up correspondence, hone sales pitches, and complete contracts. You are with the customer from initial contact until and after a sale. Further, you keep track of contracts and invoices. Sales representatives direct clients to support mechanisms if they encounter issues with your company's products and services. You represent the company’s brand and manage customer relationships.


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What is the average salary of sales representatives?

The average salary of a sales representative is $60,500, which is a little over $29 an hour. The low end of the scale is $43,460 ($20 an hour). The top of the scale offers sales representatives a salary of $78,500, or $38 an hour. What you receive depends on your years of experience, knowledge of the products you sell, and past achievements. In some industries, you receive an hourly base pay plus a percentage of the final sale amount called a commission. As a sales representative, you earn more working in a larger market.


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What is the career outlook for a sales representative?

The outlook for sales representatives will grow 5% year-over-year through 2030. Thus, over 77,000 jobs should open annually due to new business creation and the retirement of current salespeople. Despite the increase in online industries, the risk of this position disappearing is minor.


What education do you need as a sales representative?


A high school education is the minimum education needed for a sales representative. Nevertheless, some organizations require college degrees in sales, marketing, or business administration. Further training in lead generation and customer service provides additional opportunities to obtain a higher-paying position. On top of these degrees and classes, expand your coursework with psychology, accounting, and financing classes. Certifications are available for sales representatives in the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) environments.

Skills & competencies

There are several skills and competencies to have or train on to be a sales representative. For instance, you need strong verbal and written communication abilities to convert leads into customers. Active listening is another necessary skill that helps you completely understand your client's needs. Upselling and cross-selling come in handy to increase your company's revenue. Additional skills and competencies include product knowledge, time management, and industry insights.



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