What does a service technician do?

Depending on the area of expertise, service technicians can work on various tasks. You install or maintain telecommunications, computer hardware and software, electrical equipment, and mechanical equipment. Service technicians also get involved in building maintenance and repair for public works projects like roads, railways, and airports. Other things a service technician does include working in a repair shop and traveling to businesses and clients' homes.

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What is the average service technician salary?

As a service technician, your salary will depend on many things. Some of these include your educational background, the type of job you are doing and its location, and your experience level. For example, the median yearly service technician for a diesel service technician and mechanic is $48,690. An average entry-level diesel service technician makes about $23.41 per hour. On the other hand, automotive service technicians and mechanics earn an average salary of $46,880 per year.

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Working as a service technician

If you are looking for a career that allows you to be independent and does not require much training, you might want to consider becoming a service technician. Also, with the rise of different startups and industries, there are more chances of finding a job as a service technician. Keep in mind that the job can be gratifying and allows you to work on multiple projects.

Service technician job description

As a service technician, your responsibilities are specific to the job and situation you are working in. However, most positions also include some everyday operating tasks. For example, duties may include:

  • Installing new products and testing them to ensure they are working correctly
  • Educating the client on how to use and maintain their device
  • Ordering parts needed for repairs
  • Building and maintaining relationships with customers
  • Filling out detailed reports and keeping records on services that are undertaken
  • Performing maintenance and providing customer support
  • Diagnosing problems and coming up with solutions to repair them
  • Explaining issues with equipment and repairs to customers

What type of equipment do service technicians use?

Service technicians are often required to use various tools, equipment, and technology. Some of the most common tools and equipment include:

  • Electronic testing equipment 
  • Computers
  • Mobile devices
  • Safety equipment
  • Screwdrivers
  • Pliers
  • Wrenches

What is the work environment of a service technician?

As a service technician, your work environment depends on the job you get hired for. However, it is important to remember that you will be working in different places. For example, some service technicians work at a school or a business or even on assembly lines. As a service technician, you will likely be working outside of the workplace as well. Some employers will provide a flexible schedule to employees. 

Travel opportunities

You may have to travel a lot as a service technician depending on the type of business you are servicing. For example, if you are working for an airline or a car dealership, you will often have to visit multiple locations throughout the day. 

Who are your colleagues as a service technician?

As a service technician, you will be working with a variety of people who have different job descriptions. Help desk support professionals for example. Or, if you are working for an airline or car dealership, you may work with pilots and mechanics. If you are working in a hospital or school, your colleagues may include nurses and teachers.

What is the work schedule of a service technician?

Most service technicians work full-time. Schedules can vary depending on your employer's needs. If you work for an airline or hospital, you may have to work during the evenings and weekends. Also, if you are working for a school, your schedule may vary depending on the time of year and school holidays. Most service technicians who work in manufacturing industries work a standard 40-hour workweek.



What is the career outlook for a service technician?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of service technicians should increase by 8%. This is faster than other occupations. You can attribute this growth rate to the increased demand for services. Also, as older workers retire, new workers will need to get hired to replace them. As a service technician, the skills you gain will make you more marketable for future employment. Also, you will have a better chance of getting a raise as you gain more experience and skills.

What are the advantages of working with Spherion as a service technician?

With Spherion, you have the opportunity to find the perfect office for your work style. Whether you prefer to work with a small family business or a major company, Spherion offers options that cater to your preference. Other advantages include:

  • Getting paid every week
  • Flexibility
  • A contact person you always can fall back on and ask for help
  • A lot of training opportunities
  • A range of jobs in your area

What education do you need as a service technician?

You will need to have a high school diploma. You should also be familiar with basic electronics, wiring, and hydraulics. In addition to these skills, you will need the ability to learn quickly and work well under pressure. You may also wish to get a technical certificate or associate degree to become further educated in your work area. 

Service technician skills & competencies

Depending on your field of work, you will need to have the following skills and competencies to be successful:

Mechanical aptitude

You will need to train in the mechanical skills of your job. You should also have the ability to perform various tasks, such as testing and repairing machines and equipment.

Good communication skills

You will need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with people, including your supervisor, clients, and coworkers.

Organizational skills

A good work ethic is a requirement of any job. You will need to work well under pressure and have the ability to prioritize tasks. You also need to organize your time efficiently and deal with multiple responsibilities.

Computer skills

You will need to be familiar with computers and their use in the workplace. You should also have the ability to troubleshoot problems that may arise on computers or equipment.

Knowledge of safety practices & procedures

You will need to know how to follow and adhere to safety procedures. You should be able to understand the potential risks in your job and how to minimize these risks.

Ability to work with a variety of tools

As a service technician, you will have to be able to work with a variety of tools. You should be able to work with hand tools and power tools and equipment.




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