• Do you charge a fee for your services?
    No, we will never charge you, the job seeker, a fee for working with us.  

  • Who is my employer, the company where I’m assigned to work or Spherion?
    For flexible and temp-to-hire positions, Spherion is your employer. When a temp-to-hire job transitions into a permanent role, the client company becomes your new employer. For permanent
    positions, the company where you work is your employer.

  • How do I submit my work hours?
    The time-entry process varies by assignment and client. Your work hours can be submitted one of several ways: electronic time capture via Spherion Network, time clock or paper timesheet, in a few offices. Your Spherion representative will provide you with guidelines for the time-entry process. Be sure to submit your time by the end of your last day worked for each week.

  • How do I get paid?
    Pay day is every Friday, provided you submit your approved timecard before 10 am the prior Monday. Your pay can be direct deposited into your bank account or issued via the Money Network Payroll Distribution Service. Paper checks may also be an option in specific states. Your Spherion representative will provide you with more details so that you can decide which pay option is right for you.

  • If I have a problem or question concerning my pay, who do I talk to?
    Contact your local Spherion office for any questions or concerns regarding your pay.

  • Am I eligible for benefits?

    Spherion offers a full menu of benefits to eligible employees and their families. Eligibility and scope of benefits depend upon the type of position, hours worked and location. Before you accept a position, your Spherion representative will explain eligibility requirements and benefit options available. 

  • What type of skills training and career development resources do you offer?
    Spherion offers a variety of online skills training. Contact your Spherion representative to discuss what training and development resources are available to you. 

  • Who do I go to for questions or issues concerning my assignment?
    Spherion is your employer. Please direct any questions or concerns pertaining to your job assignment to your Spherion representative.

  • If I like my assignment, can it turn into a permanent position?
    If an assignment is considered temp-to-perm, it can transition to a permanent role. But, it depends upon the client company as to the terms. If it is a flexible assignment and you are interested in going
    permanent, let your Spherion representative know and we will inquire with our client about the opportunity.

  • If I am late to work, who should I call?
    Contact your Spherion representative before your scheduled work hours/shift to notify them that you will be late so they can inform the client.

  • If I am unable to go to work, what should I do?
    If you are unable to make it into work due to an illness or emergency, contact your Spherion representative prior to the start of your scheduled work shift so they can notify the client and provide a suitable replacement. If you are out multiple days, you will need to contact your Spherion representative each day before your scheduled work hours to let them know. If your absence is due to an illness that exceeds three days, a doctor’s note may be required upon your return to work. Failure to notify your
    Spherion representative of an absence may be grounds for dismissal or considered a voluntary resignation.

  • If I am ever hurt on the job, what should I do?
    If you are ever injured on the job, contact your supervisor and Spherion representative immediately before receiving medical treatment (unless it is an emergency). You will be asked to complete paperwork prior to treatment and will be given some forms you will need to take with you to your doctor’s appointment. 

  • Can my assignment be extended?
    It is possible your assignment can be extended; it just depends upon the client’s needs. If you like your assignment and it is coming to an end, let your Spherion representative know and we will
    inquire with our client about the possibility of an extension.

  • Does Spherion fill permanent positions as well?
    Yes, we fill a wide variety of permanent positions. Contact your local Spherion office to inquire about the opportunities that are available in your area.