How Spherion's custom staffing solutions work for you

With four unique partnership models and a dedicated staffing and recruiting expert who lives and breathes your culture, the Spherion Local Partner On-Premise solution can bring a host of benefits to your organization:

  • A specific pipeline of flexible workers built solely for your operation
  • Continuous alignment on your strategic, operational, and functional goals
  • Proven strategies to address challenges of recruitment, retention, and productivity
  • Much of your human resources complexity offloaded to Spherion 
  • Improved labor recruitment, retention, productivity and efficiency

Find the On-Premise Staffing Solution that Fits Your Needs

We offer four on-premise partnership structures to help you manage your staffing needs efficiently and cost-effectively. Tap on the program names below to learn more. 

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Local Partner On-Premise Programs at a Glance

As your business needs change, Spherion can scale your custom staffing solutions as needed. Check out the highlights of our on-premise programs below.

Premier Hybrid Preferred Project

Spherion exclusive partner

Spherion sole supplier

Spherion is one of multiple suppliers

Provide on-premise service for a limited time duration

Employees needed

Temp workforce of 100+ 

Temp workforce of 75+

Temp workforce 50+


Program scope

Full-service program

Program components included commensurate with client expectations and budget

Defined integration with client operations team

Per project solution for temporary or direct hire staffing

Level of integration with your staff

Full integration with client operations team

Regularly scheduled times at client site

Regularly scheduled times at client site

Per project solution for temporary or direct hire staffing

Spherion presence at your worksite

All work done on-premise during all hours of client operation

Work may be done on-premise and/or at local office and at specific times

1-2 days per week

Minimal; Wind down to normal staffing support after project

Why Trust Spherion with Your Staffing?

Spherion has a history of delivering results with Local Partner On-Premise clients.
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