The Emerging Workforce Study by Spherion examines issues and trends impacting the American workplace. The Study not only captures current attitudes, from the unique perspective of both employers and employees, it builds on nearly 20 years of research, with accumulated input from more than 200,000 workers and well over one thousand employers. 

What can you learn from the Emerging Workforce Study? This year's Emerging Workforce Study reveals insights to help employers make more strategic workforce decisions that enhance their ability to attract, engage and retain the employees critical to business success. For example:

  • Discover the key factors impacting candidate attraction and effective channels to recruit top performers across multiple generations. Learn how a company’s mission and employment brand influence different worker perspectives.
  • Find out how generational expectations can influence employee engagement and retention.
  • Uncover skills gaps and how to bridge them.
  • Gain insights into leadership development and succession planning for Gens Y and Z.
  • Understand how to stay relevant in today’s shifting job market by adopting attributes of emerging companies.


2016 Spherion EWS - Study Overview