Going into business ownership is certainly an exciting venture, especially when you get to share that excitement with the ones you love. One Spherion duo in particular is defining what it means to be a power couple in business ownership.

Molly Gaffney-Keebler, who owns Spherion Staffing in Asheville, North Carolina, and works closely with husband Joe Keebler on day-to-day initiatives, has fully embodied what it means to find success after launching her own business. While no two days are the same, Molly and Joe have gone above and beyond to positively impact their business and community.

That impact has absolutely been felt and recognized by their community and by Spherion at a corporate level, as Molly was the recipient of several of our Franchise Community Awards including Spherion Owner of the Year, the President’s Award and several other milestone growth recognitions at this year’s annual national meeting.

“We were humbled by the awards, and proud. We worked really hard and the best part for me was having my team to share that win with.” Molly said. “We had grown strategically, so it was nice to have that validation.”

Molly and Joe have a great deal to be proud of beyond their award, including the positive impact they have made on their staff. “We have influenced a lot of individuals through our business, specifically our staff. We have given our staff certain opportunities that they may not have received in another organization,” says Joe. “We have a lot of people that have really flourished professionally, and they’ve taken on responsibilities they never thought would be given.”

Beyond the reward of being a part of the tight-knit community they have built within their office, Molly and Joe also agree that the rewards of going into business ownership together are tremendous. After years of marriage and other successful business ventures and experiences, the couple decided to “go bigger” and become franchise owners. Spherion offered them the opportunity and financial success they were looking for, and running their Spherion office together has brought them even closer. “We have a work family environment, it’s something we’re proud of,” Molly says.

Molly says that a key reason she was interested in Spherion was the feel of their owner community. “We were able to reach out to several owners prior to purchasing the franchise and were really impressed with the openness of the community and how family oriented it felt,” said Molly.

Of course, working together in business has its perks and challenges. Molly and Joe have some perspective to share with potential franchisees considering going into business ownership.

“One of the things that we tell all potential owners is you do not have to be an expert in staffing to be successful at this. Other attributes you can bring to this business will propel you and make you successful.” says Molly, “The best decision I made was to buy this franchise, move to Asheville and open here, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can become a Spherion franchise owner and do what you love with the person you love, contact us today.