It’s no question that Spherion owners are passionate about their business and our brand. In fact, years into owning a Spherion franchise, 98% of them say they would choose to open an office again.

Going into business ownership is certainly an exciting venture, especially when you get to share that excitement with the ones you love. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’d like to feature several of our ownership “couplepreneurs,” who not only enjoy what they do, but also love running their Spherion franchise – together. 

Katherine and Justin Kleemann, owners of Spherion Brenham, Bryan and Conroe, Texas, were at a fork in the road with their former careers when they decided to open their business, and were ready for a geographic move closer to their home. While no two days are the same when owning a business, Katherine and Justin have expressed that the overall benefits of doing so are tremendous – especially when it’s with your partner in life. 

“To see the rewards both personally and professionally – watching your vision come to life, being a part of your business community, hitting financial goals and teaching your kids about running a business – is amazing,” says Katherine and Justin. “Doing it with your spouse means you have someone who is intimately with you on the journey which can amplify the lows, but also the highs. It’s fun to celebrate those highs together.”

Molly and Joe Keebler, owners of Spherion Asheville, NC, also agree that the rewards of going into business ownership together are tremendous. After nearly 25 years of marriage and several successful business ventures, the couple decided to “go bigger” and become franchise owners. Spherion offered them the opportunity and financial success they were looking for. Not to mention, the experience has brought them even closer!

“We have total faith in one another. The amount of loyalty and respect we have for one another helps us work in harmony to achieve our mutual goals,” says Molly and Joe. “We have had to learn to be patient with one another in ways we hadn't before and in doing so have strengthened our relationship.”

Of course, working together as a couple does have its ups and downs. Cayley and Elliot Henson, owners of Spherion South Central Texas and Southeastern New Mexico, have some perspective to share with couples considering going into business ownership together. 

“In most relationships, you have a few hours a day where you’re apart and so you get that feeling of being apart and longing to come back to each other,” says Cayley and Elliot. “When you work together, you miss out on that feeling because you’re around each other all of the time. If you had a good morning, you’ll have a great day, but a bad morning usually means a long day. You have to learn how to work with each other and be around each other all of the time.”

At the same time, however, Cayley and Elliot know their shared passion for the business will always shine through. “We talk about work all the time. It doesn’t cause a problem because we’re both very passionate about what we do. We want to talk about it and what happened during the day. Sometimes you get so busy dealing with things, when we’re alone it’s nice to talk about the vision or what excites us.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can become a Spherion franchise owner and do what you love with the person you love, contact us today.