Planning for a Successful Workforce in 2020

How to Attract, Recruit, Engage and Retain Top Talent

Attract Top Talent

It's All About Your Employer Brand

Build your employer brand. 

  • Groom ambassadors and advocates.
  • Invest in advertising and promotion.
  • Be proactive in responding to negative and positive reviews online.
  • Track and measure your efforts. 

Mission, vision and values matter. 

  • Make sure your recruiters and hiring managers are able to clearly articulate your company's values.
  • Draw out passion in job postings and interviews. 
  • Put your mission, vision and values in ACTION!

Leverage your company's brand and culture.

  • Infuse your company culture and employee brand into the hiring process. 
  • Create a positive and streamlined candidate experience. 
  • Showcase your employer brand on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 
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Recruit Top Talent

A Targeted Recruitment Strategy Is A Must

Tailor your recruitment messaging for your target audience. 

  • Create job descriptions that focus on the needs of the candidate. 
  • Consider the impact of geography and demographics.

Leverage the agile workforce.

  • Cultivate and monitor relationships with potential future talent.
  • Broaden your sourcing channels. 
  • Clearly define and align expectations.

Provide work-life balance employees seek.

  • Maintain realistic work expectations and communicate them clearly.
  • Keep an eye out for burnout and address it in a timely and supportive manner. 
  • Embrace "flex-time" and support telecommuting, if possible.
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Keep Employees Engaged

Happy Workers Stay!

Listen to the voice of your workforce. 

  • Facilitate dialogue with employees.
  • Provide timely and meaningful recognition.
  • Offer programs for younger, older and a multi-generational workforce.

Be diverse. Be inclusive. 

  • Ensure leadership understands the importance of diversity.
  • Measure inclusion and diversity in all recruitment, promotion, pay, and other talent practices. 

Elevate the employee experience.

  • Consider the experience for all segments of your workforce.
  • Highlight the concepts of wellness and well-being.
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Employee Retention

Keep The Talent That Was So Hard To Find

Align retention drivers to what employees care about. 

  • Find out what your employees value.
  • Give employees confidence in where your company is going and how it will get there. 

Take compensation seriously. Money is the #1 motivator.

  • Set up merit based metrics.
  • View compensation as an investment, like any other valuable business expense. 

Think beyond traditional benefits.

  • Find ways to enrich employee experiences.
  • Ask employees what types of nontraditional benefits would be meaningful to them. 
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Succession Planning

It's An Investment You Have To Make

Assess your organization's skills gap. 

  • Understand the skills your employees currently have. 
  • Be transparent about the future of the company. 

Provide a variety of learning and development opportunities. 

  • Create clear learning goals and the criteria by which they will be measured. 
  • Provide regular opportunities for employees to practice and receive feedback on new skills.
  • Offer alternative learning opportunities, like apprenticeships, special projects, stretch assignments and committees.
  • Keep a record of how well employees have demonstrated mastery of learning. 

Prepare your emerging leaders.

  • Develop a risk-taking, knowledge-sharing leadership culture.
  • Integrate digital learning platforms. 
  • Train current leaders on the importance of developing a culture of talent management and growth.
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