Productivity on the job is a habit all of us need to master. Whether you're working in an industrial environment, an office setting, or at home, staying productive shows you're committed to your job.

But staying on task isn't always easy. Most of us juggle distractions from our environment or our personal lives while also trying to get work done. Sometimes, we fail to stay on task because we have so much to do that we don't know where to start. Or, we have been focused on our work or involved in so many meetings, we become mentally fatigued and need a break. 

Staying productive at work is possible, however. A little planning and the right habits or routines will help you accomplish everything on your agenda while leaving room for personal responsibilities and mental breaks. Our employer community agrees that these six tips for maintaining productivity at work can help you become a more productive employee:

  1. Create a morning routine.
  2. Start with a plan and define your goals for the day.
  3. Schedule blocks of time.
  4. Limit social distractions during working hours.
  5. Take breaks to refresh.
  6. Know when to turn off and tune out.

What are your best productivity tips? Check out the infographic below for more tips about improving your productivity at work. 


6 Tips for Enhancing Productivity