Will You Rise to the Challenge?

Administrative professionals have one of the most demanding roles in organizations today. More than an office expert, they are now the go-to resource for a myriad of progressive business and management functions which require them to step up their skills. While their responsibilities may be multiplying, there is a silver lining in this shift. Their newfound role will expand their resume, increase their employee value and could just fast-track their career to management.  

The New Administrative Professional

Companies are relying on their administrative professionals to proficiently manage their office operations while contributing on many other levels as well—a jack-of-all-trades if you will. Here are some of the trending new tasks that administrative professionals must be prepared to tackle:      

· Project Management

· Social Media    

· Web Meetings

· Video Conferencing 

· Mobile Tools & Functionality

· Emerging Technologies

· Business Reporting

· Vendor Management

· Client Relations

· Strategic Initiatives

· New Hire Orientation & Training

· Financial Planning & Budgets

The diverse portfolio of skills and business acumen required by administrative professionals today makes them invaluable to their organization and an ideal candidate for future management. If this is your profession, you have some big shoes to fill. But, if you rise to the challenge, it can be a real catalyst in your career!


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Vicki Spencer

Spherion Marketing