Mobile technology has redefined the job search as we know it. Recent studies indicate seven out of 10 people job search using their mobile device. Based on these findings, it’s not surprising that Quick Response (QR) codes are fast becoming a creative way for candidates to stand out of the crowd.

An introduction to QR codes
QR codes are square, two-dimensional barcodes, which can be scanned by a smartphone camera to redirect someone to a particular web page or text message. Businesses have been using them for some time to generate sales, increase website activity, build brand awareness and strengthen their social presence. And, now job seekers are using them to build their personal brand and command the attention of top employers.

Creating a custom QR code
The process for creating a QR code is simple. Kaywa, QRStuff, Qurify and Delivr are popular sites that enable you to convert a URL into a custom QR code. Once created, your QR code can be downloaded and inserted as a graphic on your resume, cover letter, business card, email signature, etc. Its uses are virtually limitless. The key to making them work for you is to lead employers to information that grabs their interest and adds personality and depth to your resume.

Creative uses for QR codes
This is your opportunity to showcase your skills in a unique and compelling format that breaks through the monotony of the traditional resume. Here are some creative places you might consider linking your QR code to:

- Personal Web page
- LinkedIn profile page
- Online portfolio
- Blog (personal or one you contribute to)
- Video message
- Custom text message
Whatever media you choose, make sure your message is targeted at the right audience and relevant to the position you are pursuing. With some strategic thought and creativity, your personal QR code may be the key that unlocks the door to your next great career opportunity!