For many of today’s top performers, the answer is a resounding yes. But, there are many other factors to consider before you make the jump.

Job longevity & value
Have you put in enough time at your current employer to make a valuable contribution? Future employers want to know you are going to stay long enough to produce results, not just get trained enough to bounce on to the next job. Emergent workers, a term coined by Spherion for professionals who are career-driven and unafraid of change, are some of the most notorious job hoppers—but they are also some of the biggest producers. If you are going change jobs more frequently in an effort to advance, make sure you have something tangible to show for when a potential employer questions your employment history.

Rationale for change
If career advancement is truly the catalyst for change, don’t dismiss the opportunities right under your nose. Gaining new skills and experience is a great way to propel your career, and that can happen a number of ways—from volunteering for new projects, to seeking out training opportunities, to making a lateral move within your company. It does not require a complete change in employment. If you have not been with your current employer long enough to make a noteworthy contribution, pursuing new skills and experience right where you’re at can help you achieve your career goals without jumping ship before it’s time.

A new job comes with strings attached
A new position may come with a loftier title and a higher pay grade, but it also comes with greater responsibility and pressure. If you are ready to make a change, you had better be prepared to put forth the extra time and effort required to prove your worth. While it may be easy to hit cruise control in your current role, a new job involves a substantial learning curve and that means you’ve got to be cranking on all cylinders!

If you are eager to excel in your career, a job change is one way to realize your goals. But don’t be hasty in your decision making. Make sure all the factors surrounding a job change make the most sense for your career!