When you’re searching for a job, you don’t want to be strapped down to your computer to access job postings and submit applications. And frankly, there’s no need to anymore. Your mobile device has become your number one tool for finding and securing new employment. Mobile job searching is the new norm and here’s why: it’s accessible, expedient and conditioned to make your career pursuits an efficient and simplified effort.

Here are five ways you can optimize the results of your mobile job search and ensure you’re presenting a professional image to employers:

1.  Leverage job search apps
There are many apps available that can make your mobile search a breeze and give you on-the-go access to the latest jobs. Each app has its own advantages, so pick the one that works best for you. Some have more features and access to job listings, but are less intuitive. Other apps tap into your preferences and profiles, bringing the jobs to you but may be less robust.

2.  Activate mobile job alerts
Be sure to sign-up for mobile job alerts. It’s a great way to stay in-the-know and ready to respond to real-time job postings that match your preferences.  

3.  Format your resume and cover letter for mobile use
Create a mobile-friendly version of your resume and cover letter. The layout, content and fonts should be simple and engaging. Keep your points succinct with the most important information at the top. Make sure your phone number and email are easy to find. 

4.  Create a professional signature
Small details make a big difference. Something simple like creating a professional signature to attach to your mobile communications sends a polished message to employers.

5.  Utilize your social network
Everyone knows that networking is one of the best ways to find a job. Involve your social and professional networks in your mobile job search. It’s a simple way to multiply your results.

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Vicki Spencer

Spherion Marketing