A recent report by CareerBliss, revealed the happiest jobs of 2017. While the positions span a variety of industries and roles, a closer look suggests there could be some common denominators in the equation for career happiness. 

The report assessed 25,000 employee reviews and a lengthy list of job titles to determine which positions had the happiest workers. Key factors in the scoring process included boss and co-worker relationships, work environment, compensation, growth opportunities, job resources, daily tasks and control over work performed. Rising to the top of the list were these five jobs: 

1. Marketing Specialist

2. Recruiter

3. Graduate Teaching Assistant

4. Dot Net Developer

5. Director of Marketing

While each job has its own unique qualities, they involve some shared skills that may shed light on their happy rankings, which include: strategic thinking, interpersonal skills and problem-solving. Interestingly, these are the top three skills employers say will be required for future hires according to the 2017 Emerging Workforce Study.

What can we conclude? Workers like to put on their strategic thinking caps, collaborate with others and use their creativity and intellect to solve problems. If you have a job that taps into these skills, you may just be happier as a result. If you don’t, it’s worth your while to gain some experience that utilizes these skills to increase your career happiness and prepare for the future. 

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Vicki Spencer

Spherion Marketing