In our last blog post, we explored the whole idea behind cultural fit and its relevance to your career happiness. This begs the question, how do you achieve it? While there is no magic formula, you must be intentional about finding a job that fits your personality and work style.

At Spherion, we have created a hiring methodology that strategically matches job seekers to career opportunities that prove a strong cultural fit.We call it IdealMatch and you can glean a lot from it as you search to find a job that pairs well with your personality. 

There are three parts to our IdealMatch hiring methodology: job match, manager match and company match. Each component of our job-matching process is crucial to your satisfaction and success.

Job Match – What are the specific skills, qualifications and experience required to succeed in this job? How do you measure up? Are there any areas where you fall short? Would this be a good fit for your talents?

Manager Match – Would your personality mesh well with the personality of the hiring manager? This is key to a positive working relationship and your ability to perform well in a particular role.

Company Match – Are the values, goals and culture of the company a good fit for you? When it is, work becomes more meaningful and you’ll experience greater job satisfaction.

At Spherion, we are committed to helping individuals find career opportunities that play to their unique talents, personality and work style. We believe what you do should be rewarding and when you find a job that’s the right cultural fit, you are set up to succeed! 

about the author

Vicki Spencer

Spherion Marketing