You scored the interview, now it’s time to bring it home. With competition so fierce in today’s job market, the best way to stand out among a sea of candidates is to remember who’s number one in the interview—and I don’t mean you.

If you want to wow the interviewer, the way to do it is to focus the conversation on their needs and how you are the answer to those needs. With every response, you need to persuade them that your skills, background, training, personality and work ethic are tailor-made for the position. Give them hard-core evidence that if they hire you, they will be making the best decision for their company. Here are some simple tips that can help you steer the conversation in the right direction:

Identify and promote the skills that make you the ideal candidate.
In preparation for your interview, learn everything you can about the position and its requirements. Then, come prepared to share how you as a candidate meet each and every one of those needs. If you are lacking in a specific area, don’t skirt around the issue. Instead, be honest about it and point to related skills that may compensate for the skills you lack.

Tailor your responses to the unique criteria of the position.
To the best of your ability, tailor each response to the precise needs of the position. For example, if you are interviewing for a sales position that it is intended to market a particular product, emphasize your sales capabilities, people skills, knowledge of that product, ability to meet quotas and past successes. Then, support your answers with examples that demonstrate your skills, showcase your strengths and lend credibility to your responses.

Place more emphasis on the company’s needs than your own.
While it is important to find a job that’s right for you, during the interview you want to come across as someone who is more focused on the company’s needs rather than your own. This simple shift in focus will help you outshine other candidates fixated on their personal agenda, while playing to the interest of the interviewer. Besides, there will always be time to talk about your needs when an offer is presented.

Remember, the goal is not to convince the interviewer why you want the job—but why they should want you!