What’s putting the pep in your step on Monday mornings? Is it the chance to apply your talents to a job that’s made for you, or is it the prospect of running into that special someone that works in the same building? If the latter rings true, this Valentine’s Day post is just for you!

Office romances can definitely spice up your workday, but watch out for those proverbial jalapeños—they may add more kick to your career than you expect!

If you are contemplating an office romance (or already involved in one), you need to walk into it with your eyes wide open if your career success is a concern. While it’s not to say you can’t have both, romantic work relationships bring unique dynamics to the equation worthy of consideration.

As you weigh the pros and cons of pursuing love in the workplace, ask yourself these questions:
- What is the company policy on dating other employees?
- How does the other person’s rank and role in the organization intersect with mine?
- How will this relationship impact my job performance?
- Will knowledge of this relationship erode the respect of coworkers or subordinates?
- How will I manage this relationship during work hours?
- If this relationship ends poorly, how will it affect my job?

According to a CareerBuilder office romance survey, 38 percent of workers claimed to have dated a coworker over the course of their career, and 31 percent said it led to marriage. So, if you are in a relationship with someone at work or entertaining one, you’re certainly not alone. Just keep in mind, if your career pursuits are also a priority, make wise decisions and don’t lose sight of why you’re there!