As the most exciting season in college basketball begins, we all become spectators of the skill and collaboration it takes to make it to the Final Four. Michael Jordan once said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” This is true both on and off the court.

Regardless of the role you play, teamwork is crucial to winning in the workplace. Organizations are comprised of many different people who must work together to achieve business results. What does it take to be a great team player? Here are a few pointers we can take from the game:  

Know your position. The first rule of teamwork is to know your position and perform it well. Be the best at what you do and give 110 percent to every task. People are relying on you, so be determined to deliver and don’t let them down.

Value every teammate. Each person on your team plays a part in getting you to the proverbial Final Four. Value every individual, whether they are center court or behind the scenes supporting the team. When you respect each person’s role and work together to accomplish the goal, success is sure to follow.

Stick to the game plan. Every team has a leader, and as such, their role is to execute a strategy that will result in their success. For it to work, every player must be committed to the game plan without deviation and work together to make it a win.

Commit to the greater goal. Always have the team’s best interest in mind. That may mean you have to take a step back to let someone else shine. There’s no room for showboating in a team environment. Be excellent, but be humble. Recognize every win is the product of precision collaboration, star talent and team spirit.

If you apply these principles of teamwork to your profession, you will set yourself up for a winning career!


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Vicki Spencer

Spherion Marketing