It’s a new year, and with it comes exciting new opportunities in your career. While you may have many ideas about what you would like to see happen, the surest way to make them a reality is to set some professional goals!

As the New Year begins, take a step back and assess where you are today and where you want to be by the end of 2017. Take time to dream a little, establish some goals and make plans for a prosperous year in your career. Not sure where to start? Here are some general questions to get your brain churning:

Skills & Knowledge

  • What are some new skills you would like to add to your resume?
  • What type of skills or knowledge would make you more effective in your job?
  • Are there any new developments in your industry that require learning to stay current?
  • What skills would make you ripe for promotion?

Professional Development & Training

  • What type of training or professional development would make you more efficient and successful in your job?
  • Does your company offer any employee development or training opportunities (online software development, management training programs, mentoring, industry certifications, etc.)?
  • Are there any professional seminars, conferences or classes that would accelerate your career growth?

Career Ambitions

  • Are you working in the position and/or industry you desire to work in? If not, is it time for a job change? Are there any current opportunities you might like to pursue?
  • Are you on the right career track to achieve your professional goals? If not, what can you do to put yourself on the right track (gain a new skill, get training, discuss goals with your manager)?
  • What is the next position you want to hold? What’s preventing you from it?

As you consider your career ambitions along with the skills, knowledge and training you need to be successful, your professional goals will start to become clear. Add them to a goal-setting app and set some benchmarks for achieving them. By getting specific with your goals, you will not only gain inspiration and vision for the New Year—you will begin to progress in your career!

about the author

Vicki Spencer

Spherion Marketing