Skills, talent and determination will take you a long way in your career, but they must be accompanied by one very important quality: respect!

How you treat others in the workplace will have a direct bearing on how they treat you. If you want to advance in your career, you can’t reflect an image that is pompous and egotistical—especially if want to hold a position of leadership.

Webster’s dictionary defines respect as: To consider worthy of high regard. Now, picture the people you interact with every day—from coworkers, management and administrative assistants, to mailroom clerks and maintenance staff. Are your words and actions considering them worthy of high regard? Those who understand that respect is not contingent on corporate hierarchy are able to build healthy work relationships that yield greater job satisfaction and career success.

What does respect look like in the workplace?

- Acknowledges each person’s value and contributions

- Punctual and considerate of other people’s time

- Praises others publicly and corrects them privately

- Carries their own load and offers support when needed

- Seeks team credit rather than individual credit

- Demonstrates professionalism in challenging situations

- Keeps their emotions in check

- Gives careful thought to their words

- Does not put undue pressure or hardship on others

- Takes responsibility for actions and outcomes

- Follows through on their commitments

- Speaks highly of others in the organization

- Refrains from gossip or disparaging remarks

- Does not show favoritism based on preference or position

- Is considerate of other people’s workspace and privacy

If you want to enjoy a successful and satisfying career, be respectful of others in the workplace. In so doing, you will discover, respect is shown to you!